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It's a good book. Adulting is really hard yet fun. Don't take life seriously at times, laughed at your mistakes, owned them, and learned from them.

carefree day

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Let your soul wander in the intricate pattern of life, and get lost in the maze until you discover new things, new people, and new dreams. Shut the noise around and fill your mind with goodness, kindness, and authenticity. Listen to your beats and discover who you are.


May you never forget that you matter. When no one is showing up for you, keep showing up for yourself. When no one understands you, Just be patient! Maybe they…


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Pressure, back pains, and fears Keep coming these days. I thought this would be a better place, Where everything runs smoothly. But as time keeps running, my heart beats keep…

No place to go!

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So, let's just live for today. Let's live in the place where we are right now because when we don't have anywhere else to go, that's where exactly where He wants us to go." Just stay rooted!