Realizations at 23

Just few more days and this year will end. There are many plot twists during this season and I know all of us are overwhelmed with unprecedented news that turns our world differently. I am just thankful for another year that is given to me.

It is all by His grace, that all my frustrations turn into encouragement, my failures turn to success, heartaches that becomes joy, and my pride that rebukes and humbles me. Though some of my plans didn't go according to my way but I know His plans are better than mine.

I just want to share these realizations that hit me back and forth in this season.

  1. Always seek the Truth: His Words. It's really important to seek the Lord through reading the Bible . In this fabricated world, where truth is being subjective and twisted, only His Word remains true and will remain forever. Take time to dig deeper His Words.
  2. Pray . Our ultimate weapon is prayer. This world becomes more uncertain as time passes by and we need help from the Lord. Take time to listen, to shut your door, to cry to Him and He will give you peace and fill all the emptiness that you feel.
  3. Surrender your plans to the Lord. Surrender everything to Him. It's really hard to surrender our wants, ambitions and dreams. But He has better plans, He's the maker of the universe, and He holds the stars and moon above. I just remember what Dr. Stanley said during his preaching about surrendering, he asked "What's better than God's best?"
  4. Extend His grace to yourself and to others. Be more like Jesus. It's really hard to pursue the Lord and to be like Jesus in this sinful world and sinful body. But we need to extend the grace that He gave to us, we need to serve like Jesus.
  5. Delay all instant gratifications.It's hard to wait, it's hard to be patient when you can get what you wanted as easy as possible in this generation. I often wanted to rush things, to skip the hard seasons of my life but rushing will just make us empty and unsatisfied.
  6. Save money and invest. Finance before romance. We are young and the Lord gives us strength to do our purpose. It's really necessary to save money and invest it in the right way. We also need to invest our energy to the right things . We shouldn't take advantage of our strength and age to do the things that will just benefit ourselves.
  7. Treat your family if you have more. I just realized that they should be our first ministry. As a young adult, there are times that I take them for granted, not knowing that they are already growing old. Give more time to serve them joyfully.
  8. Share and give. Learn to share and to give. We should also be a blessing to other people, not necessarily by giving material things, it can be a simple encouragement, a prayer and just a tap on their shoulder. I really appreciate those people who also give their time to listen and give encouragements.
  9. Think before you speak. I am too guilty about this. Oftentimes, I wasn't thinking before I speak. I just override with my emotions and not even controlling my mouth. We need to bite our tongue when unpleasant words come out.
  10. Don't be insecure and don't be afraid to take a risk. I am also guilty about this, because I was too insecure before. My insecurities hinder me to take a risk because I am afraid of failing. But Miss USA 2015 says "Giving up is the birth of regret." Atom Araullo also affirms that; "The agony of not trying, you'll carry that throughout your life." and " I'd rather feel the rejection rather than saying, What would have happened in my whole life?"
  11. Work hard and take action. Instead of dreaming, you need to wake up and stand up and fulfill your dream. It starts with just simple bathing. Try also to do a sensory shower. While you're in the bathroom say thank you to every part of your body that helps you to do your purpose.
  12. No need to tell to other people your success or achievements particularly in social media. It often leads to comparison, and comparison kills contentment. - BW
  13. Maximize your potential. Do it now. Oftentimes, my pride says that I can do it tomorrow instead of doing it already. We need to be a good steward of all the gifts that we have received.
  14. Guard your heart. Pray to be the right one. I had many romantic ideas before but I realized that I should save my heart for the right one. And I needed to be the right woman first, before finding him.
  15. Kilig is temporary. Our generation is really into relationships. We want to build relationship at the very young age because those are the things that we see in our television, radio and even social media. But we need to stand up, we need to protect our hearts also because "sparks" are temporary and being in a relationship at a very young age is also a wastage. Just like what Ed Lapiz says, "Don't waste your physical youth and beauty on temporary relations."
  16. Some prayers aren't answered yet. Sometimes the Lord says no to our prayers. I often complained before, I thought the Lord has forgotten me but those nos are really God's protections. Sometimes, He just wants us to wait, so that we're ready when He already answers us. I remember one friend of mine said " Kaya hindi pa binibigay baka kasi hindi mo pa kayang alagaan." ^_^
  17. Singleness is a blessing. I am one of those people who are so called "NBSB." Actually, before I felt really shy to be NBSB. I thought, maybe because I am not beautiful enough and worthy to be pursued by a godly man. Kinakahiya ko in short. But now, it is actually a blessing because God the Lord himself becomes my satisfaction, He protected me from heartaches and I really find joy in serving. I feel free to do my purpose. It's not a curse ladies and gentleman, it's a blessing from above. So if you are single right now, let's maximize this season!
  18. Encourage yourself and other people. Before I often beat myself for not being good enough instead of encouraging myself . It's really important to have "self-talks", I often remind myself of all the promises of the Lord when I feel discouraged. We must encouraged ourselves so that we can also encourage other people.
  19. Write it down. I usually grab a pen and write all my thoughts on a paper. I often write all the things in my mind because I am really forgetful. It also good to keep journals because you can go back and read your past experiences and be thankful to the Lord because you surpassed it.
  20. Accept corrections and rebukes. We like comfort than corrections. We don't like to be corrected by other people because we think we're better than them. It takes humility to accept that we're wrong. Before I was really disappointed when someone corrects me, I thought that they were just attacking me personally. But those corrections and rebukes help me to do better on my work and my ministry. And they help me also to become better person, though it is painful but I gain something from it.
  21. Have an accountability group. As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens one another. (Pro. 27:17) Yes, we need other people. No man is an island. We need someone to lift us up when we are falling, someone who will tap us on our shoulder when we are discouraged, someone who will correct and rebuke us.
  22. Enjoy life. The Lord makes the world a beautiful place for us to enjoy also. It doesn't mean that you need to travel all around the world to enjoy your life and have all the luxuries. Just by looking on the trees, flowers, sky, and listening to the birds you can still enjoy life. Take time to sit and look at the sky.
  23. Look to Jesus. There are many disappointments in the world. We can't deny the fact that we will be hurt, we will stumble, we will fail, we will be frustrated from our ministries, careers and relationships. But our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ already overcame those on the cross. We need look upward, we need to look at Him.

Yes, our lives change differently right now. But I can still see the goodness of God. I am still thankful for all these realizations. I hope and pray that you see it also in your life. ^_^

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A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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