To complicate is simple, to simplify is difficult... Everybody is able to complicate. Only a few can simplify. Bruno Munori

Life is already hard, don't make it more complicated. I've been learning this thing lately and it's so nice not to consume information on different platforms nor absorb different opinions from a lot of people. I once heard this, if you want to have new ideas, read classic books. Indeed, it's true. The more you get old the quieter you want to become the more you want to make things simple and the less you give attention to the things that won't matter and opinions that aren't valuable.

Perhaps we started having this certain level of awareness at a certain age, that we want each day to become more meaningful and purposeful. When I was younger I love watching romantic K-dramas but now I can't even watch for seconds. I mean when I was in college, I would really try hard just to finish all the episodes even if it means sleeping for a few hours. Like now, oh I prefer to sleep. That's the beauty of having a journal 'cause you'll see a different version of yourself while growing up. Your perspectives, mindsets, and priorities change over time. When I was reading my old prompts here on this site like I couldn't believe I wrote some of those, some of those are heartbreaking, funny, and hyperbole. Perhaps, because I am older now and learning more valuable things around than before and I have the capacity to understand things on a much deeper level than when I was younger. Yet, I realized invalidating those writings in the past isn't nice because those are my circumstances before; my season.

I was so hurt before because I felt left behind and I was so tired of my insurmountable tasks as a teacher. But now that my circumstance has changed, I am very thankful for those days because I knew I just didn't survive but I also thrive. I just didn't see the good parts of it before, I didn't see the person I am becoming during the molting and molding process. That's the beauty of not knowing the next chapters. You will learn to endure your current season.

I was praying before to experience a life that wouldn't rush to finish tons of paperwork, study new lessons each day, prepare PowerPoint lessons, and video presentations, and think of motivation on how your students will learn while trying to balance your time for yourself, family, and ministry. I'm glad I have this moment now! You can sleep for more than eight hours, that's what I missed before. If I'll be president all of the teachers will have a one-year vacation with a salary. HAHAHA

Kidding aside, if you want to become a teacher I'm telling you, you will learn different skills, yes it's tiring and disheartening but if you want to learn more things in life, choose this profession. I still love teaching, this profession has the capacity to nourish one's minds, hearts, and souls. Imagine, every year you'll meet different kinds of students, with different dreams and aspirations, with different minds, bodies, and hearts; with different baggage and brokenness. I am looking at the lens of a person, a learner, and seeing my great teachers and professors doing these astonish me.

I was assigned to teach in lower elementary and secondary. And what I've learned is the value of simplifying things in order for them to learn, not all students learn at the same pace, and not all of them have the same level of intelligence and awareness but each of them is a genius.

I have this student in the lower level, she couldn't read at a standard rate at her age and level. So she needed an extension class. It's kinda irritating for me because, for weeks, and months, she still read at a slow rate even if we keep on practicing. And I felt bad because I realized that is her capacity at the moment, so I simplify things. We go back to the very basics even if it takes a longer time. Months passed with her dedication and perseverance, she was able to read and she becomes a good reader. She's very joyful and she can read stories already. The magic word is to simplify, one step at a time, one day at a time.

And now I am fully present in this season, not rushing the next season of my professional life and enduring and enjoying the mundane days. I have more time to write. And during this season, a new world was opened to me. I've never thought that my writeups and my journals could also be a safe place for everyone like it's just a norm for me to write life lessons each day, like this, my personal experiences. But I'm glad it lifts you up. This is how I breathe, and you know I learned that if you write joyfully it turns into beautiful memories and if you write in pain it turns into lessons. I write because it liberates me; when I already pour out my emotions and put down my thoughts, my heart, and my mind is blank sheet again ready to learn and feel new things.

Many people suffer from hate and sadness because they're letting those feelings stuck inside their hearts thus it overpowers them not knowing they're self-inflicting and sooner they will cause pain to others because it remains inside. Express and don't suppress, simplify so you'll be happier.

Yipeeee 6k followers then 1. 5 million views! Numbers are important to me because it means you're taking time, giving your time to read my write-ups. I appreciate every one of you.


Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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Titus Jr

Hey Merryl! Great journal entry! Just testing if you could read this comment. Haha. Btw, would you be interested in sharing in a small-group setting on “Journal Writing and Intimacy with God”?

thanks pas! kelan pooooo pala?

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