journal prompts: adulthood

Enjoy your present version

You really don't need to figure out everything, take one step at a time. Enjoy your present moment and your present version because tomorrow is not a promise. I remember before, I would always put conditions on myself like if I would be like this I would do this... always hoping to see my best version in the future not knowing that my present "me" is more than enough, and finally I've seen her.

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always choose to forgive

Forgive yourself for committing mistakes and failures instead of beating yourself. Forgive others and give grace as well. You are not greater than when others commit mistakes to you, in the same manner, you are not less than when you commit mistakes to others. Life is more beautiful when you remove all the hate, anger, frustrations, and disappointments inside your heart. Life is meant to live and to love.

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be a light

The world is full of lonely, wounded, and hopeless people. You are called to be His light in this cruel world. Jesus is our light and please always choose to reflect His light. You are not capable to do that on your own, He promises the Holy Spirit to be with you all the time. Listen to Him.

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Not all people would like you, you're not everyone's cup of tea. Everyone has something to say to you when you do something for Him. There would be people around you, raising their eyebrows, criticizing you from head to toe, and hating the way you exist. It's okay darling! I remember a good piece of advice from a good mentor, "if others think you are a bad person let them because you are worst than they think." Ironic right? It simply means you don't need to prove you're a good person or better than them, it's okay to be misunderstood, let them think what they want to think about you even if it's not real. 'Cause when you compare yourself to others sometimes you become so self-righteous, proud, and arrogant thinking you're better than them yet we're all same in God's eyes. So always look to Him, compare yourself to Him and you'll realize there's nothing to be proud of, you're living under His grace and without Him you're nothing.

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safe space

You're created to belong, you need other people and a community to help you grow. No man can exist alone. Having good people around you would help you not only in the spiritual aspect but also in winning life's battles here. Life is already hard you need a safe space where you can be your truest self. These people know all your "karupukan" and literally, they gonna say the hard truth that you didn't see so you can be a better person.

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guard your heart

Your heart is not for everyone, you might be excited because you think you already waited for too long and all of what you've been praying for seems so close to that person. Darling, take it easy, one step at a time. The Lord knows who you need in your life when you need him, and why you need him. His ways are better than your ways, His thoughts are not your thoughts. Pray more, serve more, and love Him more until He sees that you're finally ready to be a gift for someone that He truly prepares just for you. Work out on your character, are you patient enough? Are you faithful to all the things He entrusted to you? Are you obedient to your parents? Are you loving your friends? C'mon, He's the creator of everything, He holds even the king's heart and surely the one that He has in mind for you would be capable enough to love you. Yes, you can take chances in love but make sure you are guarding your heart at the same time, not the one that you were doing before like "superguard yarn?"(daig pa si Maria Clara hahaha). I mean you won't give to anyone that doesn't come from Him. Ayieeeh! So galingan mo pa sa season mo! SSS! Si Lord ang bahala kay future love mo. Ayeeeeh! So kung grade 7 ka palang naku, malayo pa girl. HAHAHAH

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When God closes a door, it's protection and when He opens a new door, it's a new direction. God wants the best for His children and He promised that He never leaves. If you think you get lost in the maze, it's just His call for you to ask Him first, seek His will first, and enjoy every adventure with Him. He gives the direction and you just need to take it one day at a time. His provision is enough, tomorrow is uncertain yet His hands hold the future. Enjoy every adventure with Him. God is a great father!

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We are bound to fail and it doesn't make you a lesser person if you make mistakes and if you look so foolish at some point. We don't know anything here so we would really experience some things so that we can learn from them and the lessons would produce greater impacts unlike when you just read it from the books or heard from other people. When you experience it firsthand, your eyes would be opened to the reality of life that unexpected and unplanned situations may come. And when it's done you would laugh at yourself for being crazy at some point and be more courageous to go to the next page. Keep in mind your story doesn't end in defeats, failures are good reminders that we couldn't do everything on our own. As a believer, we must always rely on His power and He will strengthen us to acquire and achieve the things He calls us to do. Fail hard and take heart until you win!

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Take heart! By His grace, we will finish this adventure with Him.

To all sissy out there, waaah kakakilig binabasa niyo journals ko. This is just 10% of what is He doing in my life. I couldn't count His goodness, it's overflowing. I'm also a lady like you just trying to show up here and share what He is doing in my life. Just take what you need, we have different opinions and perspectives in life, I make mistakes too but I hope and pray that this blog would remind you you're not alone. Every one of us has different challenges in different hues. We're living in different stories yet God is always faithful. By His grace, we will make it.

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