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I. journal prompts: writing

Writing is vulnerability because you're letting other people enter your mind, get a glimpse at your heart, and see your soul; unafraid of judgments and criticisms though only a few people would really understand your thoughts, only a few people have the ability to understand your soul, and it's so whimsical if you find them and just to know they exist in reality.

person using black typewriter

II. journal prompts: books

Go on a library date with yourself and sit silently in one corner while reading your favorite book. Then, ride on a bus, and walk into the park while sipping your coffee and enjoying the mundane day. Life is meant to live. Make sure not only to include great adventure in your story but don't forget those moments that make you alive. A blank page doesn't make a story uninteresting.

woman reading book

III. journal prompts: sunset

Earlier I hurriedly took a photo of the sunset while on the bus like a lil' child on her first day at school. I wonder why others just let a beautiful sunset pass by. My eyes couldn't stop gazing at the sky and I couldn't help myself not to smile 'cause I know I couldn't afford it anytime I want.

Feb. 13, 2023 sunset, somewhere down the road

IV. journal prompts: uncertainties

I used to have a detailed plan of what my life should be and I realized it won't work for me now, it's the same as everyone else. I don't want to be just like anyone else, it's okay not to follow the crowd. I used to be afraid of uncertainties but now I realized there's beauty in them. And it's okay if it doesn't make sense right now, take the leap of faith.

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V. journal prompts: adulting

You're already twenty-five? You should be like this at your age. You should have this investment. You should be in a relationship now, you're already left behind by your friends look at them. You should have kids now, you might be lonely...

I just smiled at the quirks of random people about how should I live my life. For me, adulting is not about buying all the stuff you needed nor possessing a lot of money or popularity in your career; it's simply enjoying and doing what ignites my soul and finding purpose while doing them. It's going into the supermarket and purchasing all the stuff we need and paying our due date bills, it's walking in the quiet street and seeing other people keep moving forward. It's not dating any man I like, it's finding, waiting, and praying for someone who could be a good and loving father and spouse in the future.

person sitting on hill near ocean during daytime

VI. journal prompts: safe haven

Life is already hard. There are a lot of pressures and disappointments around. May you find the people who could be your safe haven; your safe space and your escape place. It's okay if they are just a few; one or two it's enough. If you found them, you won't need to try hard just to be accepted. They always make you feel at home. They always welcome you with a loving embrace despite of your weaknesses and celebrate your small wins. You are allowed to wear your favorite dress even if it's polka-dots. You are allowed to cry even at the smallest things and to share your loudest laugh. You are loved just the way you are, the way you exist. Life is already hard, may you find the people who won't make it harder and make your burdens lighter.

photo of three women lifting there hands

VII. journal prompts: weird feeling

There would be people whom you did not choose to come into your life but would do greater impacts on your life and you couldn't explain and even rationalize the weird feeling that they impart. These people would leave you with thousand of words and make you wonder, and ignite your passion for something. It's a kinda weird feeling and you would just utter, "has anybody felt this way before?", "am I dreaming? and "how could this possibly happen?"

man in yellow hoodie lying on green grass field under white cloudy sky during daytime

VII. journal prompts: nobody

When you are pressured with a lot of things just think you are a nobody. Everyone is thinking about themselves, nobody cares if you forget to blow dry your hair, and nobody cares if you take selfies in one corner so never get afraid of the random opinions of random people.

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