Rejoice in your youth!

Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth. Walk in the ways of your heart and the sight of your eyes. But know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment. Remove vexation from your heart, and put away pain from your body, for youth and the dawn of life are vanity. Ecclesiastes 11:9-10

We won't be sixteen forever and now that I'm twenty-five it feels surreal. I'm grateful because of Jesus I met these different people and made my youth incredible! When I was young I thought these days were just ordinary but now looking back it was so whimsical! I'm blessed that I grew up in this kind of community.


There would be people who would ignite your soul and connect deeply with your heart. My kindred spirits!

There would be a time, you'll be forced to do something you think you couldn't do but later on, you'll fall in love with it.

College days with empty pockets hence full of dreams and visions. Buy one take one budget, retrica filter, sleepless nights, and petty quarrels. Panay reklamo pero panay ang review. Wear the clothes you want to wear, next season hindi na kasi kasya sa'yo, I'm so shy pa! Write letters! Those days! hahaha

Enjoy your vigor and vitality. Do all things if you can, and serve while you're young. You can skip schools at times and join camps, conferences, and mission trips. I remember we need to clean others' houses so we could afford to join conferences. If you want there would be a way! It would be nerve-wracking at first but promise you would be glad because you chose adventure over paper works. No regrets! HAHAH (basta ikaw pa rin bahala, don't blame me kapag ginawa mo)

Prepare for your graduation picture and go to the studio with your friends. After those sleepless nights, cries, and rants about your thesis or practice teaching, you deserve to be beautiful. Go for a walk in the mall with your high heels and full glam makeup. Don't be shy and walk like a beauty queen! Yeah, that's so awesome! Minsan lang yarn kaya itodo muna! four years kang haggard sa paper works, be a queen even in a day! Then you'll realize you don't need to be like anyone else, just be YOU!

After graduation, it would be dismaying. Don't expect it would be a piece of cake but learn from the people around you. Share burdens, cry with them, and show up even if it's hard. Reality is hard but having good people around you would be better. Be grateful for your first job because they accept you even if you're just a beginner. Your character would be tested and your true colors will be seen. You will learn to value yourself too. Use your vacation leave and sick leave, and sleep at home if you're tired and sick. You will learn to dance, to sing, to be funny, to do something you thought you couldn't do. Just do it no matter how shameful your dance steps would be. Just sing even if you're out of tune. And if you want to venture into a new path, it's okay to quit. Be honest with yourself. You can quit and pause. Huminga sa paghinto.

Love your teacher,(not romantically plz HAHA) they have THOUSANDS of paper works more than you think, respect them no matter how young they are.

Find another outlet, don't focus merely on your career. Have an accountability group. People who will pray for you and lift you up when you're weary. Mature people who would correct you when you're wrong.

DATE! Date not only romantically. Date with your friends. It's not always romance that makes us kilig. Having good guy friends would help you balance your imagination, they always tampal us with harsh truth when we're trying to be so assuming and help us from ninjas. HAHAHA

Good guy friends are the best!

Attend prayer meetings and fellowship. kahit lagi kayong tagadayag after the event! HAHAH

Meet new people! Attend youth fellowship and worship nights.

Be vulnerable to the right people, enjoy sleepless nights at your friend's house, cry when your crush doesn't like you, complain when you're tired of waiting but still do things you like, and don't wait for someone to do it for you. Malaki ka na! HAHAHA

Travel once in a while even without a map and money just to wear a swimsuit. We're all aging enjoy your beauty while you're young! Be confident, young lady. Go for a back ride! Climb even if you're afraid of heights. Live in the moment. Do something you'll be glad to tell to your future kids!

Attend some courses and learn from other people. It's okay not to be the smartest person in the room. Fall in love with learning. Ask help, paano magkabit ng RJ45, penge idea sa thesis! hahaha

There would be people who will love you for who you are and deeply care for you. There's beauty in looking around instead of searching around. The right one will do the same. People who would know not only your good sides but also your worst sides!

Be happy when your friends are getting married. Enjoy! Your season will come too.

Tamang taga- AYIEH muna tayo! hahaha! Pero sa gabi, Lord when! hahah

Serve while you're young.

If you're young and able, do something for His glory. Enjoy your youth because the time will come you need to do different things, new roles, and new places. You might not like it at first but you will be grateful in the end. Find a community that will help you enrich your potential, go to the church, and attend the fellowship when someone invites you. Seek Jesus and you will fall in love with him.

Few regrets, sana nagpapansin din ako sa may crush sa akin. CHARIS! Hahahha- ba't kasi tumatago! hahaha

As the new season unfolds, I'm glad I enjoyed these days. There were many sleepless nights, mumble cries, and twists and turns but it's still awesome and remarkable. By His Grace! And now that I'm older, I couldn't do it all, I don't have the strength unlike when I was sixteen and I do have different priorities in this season, so if you're young and you have this kind of community do it. Never compare it to what you see around you and to what is popular. Don't only live in the virtual world. Get out and meet people while you're young and able!

Enjoy your youth if you have a chance, I know some aren't favored to do the same thing but I hope you still enjoy your season, don't skip seasons. Tomorrow you will have sagging skin, your glow will fade, your knees will be weak, you will need to venture new place, and you will change your priority. So if you have still time to enjoy your youth, ITODO muna, marami ka pang maikukwento kay future love mo ayiehhh!

Tomorrow is never a promise, you won't be SIXTEEN forever! Tomorrow you would just want to lay in bed and inhale your katengko. Go out from your screen and experience life. Rejoice, enjoy, and be accountable!

Loving and serving Jesus does mean you will miss many things actually it is the opposite you'll experience beautiful and greater things that no amount of money can buy!

If you're sixteen- you're still young, rejoice in your youth!

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A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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