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Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth

Ephesians 6:1-3

You can choose your future spouse, but you can't choose who would be your parents are .

There was a video of a teenager feeling talentless because his parents don't involve him in any curricular activities and I felt sad for him because I also felt that when I was young and I also felt sad for his parents because perhaps they don't know and they are not capable.

We had parent-teacher conferences when I was a full-time teacher, and we had to talk to the parents of our students every quarter about how they were doing in school. Sometimes, though, our conversations grew deeper, and I felt like I was always getting free parent counseling from various experts in the field. As I process everything right now, I can't help but feel incredibly appreciative of those days. Since I was an entirely fresh educator at the time, I found this nerve-racking because they were superior to me in many areas of life. Some of them had successful businesses, while others were physicians, lawyers, captains, teachers, housewives, environmentalists, school owners, and higher rank officials. I was nineteen years old, too young. Thus, I knew and admit; I had a lot of mistakes way back then.

But one thing I learned from most of them; parenthood is not a piece of cake. Some of them were telling me before that they need to work hard so they can enroll their child in a nice school because they knew that education at the primary level was so crucial. One of my favorite parents then is so humble, their credentials are awesome, they both graduated with "laude" at the most famous school here and have a degree in another country and their children are geniuses and so kind. They never told me that, they became our guest speakers and I read their CVs. And you know what, she resigned from her beautiful job and became a full-time mom, and I was like "That's so hard!" as a young woman back then but as I taught both of her children, I can see the difference between her children from others. I would say, "I want to have children like them" and then I realized I needed to be like her first. All of them were trying their best to be the best parent for their children. And during those conversations, I understood my parents better.

You know we have different parents and if they are trying their best to make your life better based on what they knew, not the way you wanted, you must allow them and forgive them as always. Never accuse your parents of failing to live up to your expectations. Perhaps they care more about meeting your basic necessities than they do about your wants and desires.

I learned it in a hard way. I used to criticize them in many ways when I was a teenager, but as an adult, I now appreciate them more for being so resilient. My parents back then had successful enterprises, my grandparents owned lots of property, and we lived in a large house when I was a child. And I could plainly see what happened to all of those as a result of bad choices, bad motives, and vices. We cannot go back in time, but I have also witnessed firsthand how God is able to gradually change our hearts. God can change the future.

Perhaps at some point in your life, you also harbor resentment toward your parents for not giving you the life you desire. Maybe you want to do things, but the opportunities are so limited due to the way your family is. Yes, there are times when life is unfair. Some have privileges, while others need to put in extra effort in life, and that's just fine. There's so much more ahead of you. Stop contemplating and blaming your parents. You know, it is just amazing that honoring our parents is the first commandment with a promise that our life will go well and we may enjoy long life on the earth. Who doesn't like that?

You can venture more because life is a series of adventures. At times, you are on a hill and you need to glide and slide. Sometimes you are in a valley and you need to crawl with so much pain. Sometimes you are on a plain and you just need to walk, sit, rest, and enjoy the view. And when you are on the mountaintop, you may look down on the plains, valleys, and hills that you have traversed.

Sooner or later, we will have kids of our own, and we can already choose who will be their parents. It is therefore best to preserve all the life lessons we learned from our parents and from this life. Life is hard but it is always beautiful because His grace is enough.

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