the right person for you

The right person for you won't allow you to question your worth and always chooses to protect your value. The right person for you listens to the depth of your heart and gives space for silence and noise raging inside. The right person for you makes you feel at home and not hunted. The right person for you always chooses to show up no matter what their traumas, baggage, and fears. The right person for you holds accountable for his or her actions towards you. The right person for you gives you peace, would break all the walls of fears that hinder you to trust and to believe that you deserve a kind love.

No matter how great the person is, no matter what you think of the person, and no matter what you've think of the potentials, if they are not showing up for you, perhaps you need to let go of the ideals running through your head, the person is not for you. Because at the end of the day, you need someone you can struggle with the tough times, someone who can celebrate with you when you're at the peak of your success, and someone who can mourn with you when you're in the valleys of life. The right person for you has the same warmth, patience and generosity to themselves. The right person for you will always choose to show up no matter what- may it be a friend, a lover, and a family. The right person for you will accept your naked soul and meet you half-way.

Do not cast your pearls before swine.

The reality of life is not a bed of roses, we're all wired for struggles. And growing up, I realized relationships should not be a burdensome, it should be a space where one can honor one's authentic self and just loving others as they are, who also have struggles and failings as a person. It's true the more you grow older, you just have few people around your space, the real ones and that's much better.

At first, I struggled with outgrowing people 'cause as an empath, I always try to wear the socks that they are wearing. But I realized it is more liberating if I just allow others to be themselves and to let them be accountable for themselves even though I love them and I care deeply. I once read this from one of the women I look up to who also wrote Educated. Her name is Tara Westover, her story is inspiring and she's just so courageous in life. She said, ''You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye to them. You can miss a person every day and still be glad they are no longer in your life.''

Not all the people are good for you and you are not also good for other people, no matter how good you think you are.

And it always reminds me now that I am sharing my thoughts with everyone, not all people would enjoy my writings, and not all people will appreciate my journals even if they are close to me and it's okay! But you guys who are still reading up to now are just so awesome people, I do appreciate all of you who already purchase my journal book. Just be patient 'cause it might be longer because you're directly purchasing from the publisher. So I just hope to meet you and sign them also when given a chance, just message me for more queries about the book or anything you want to know about journaling stuff, you can connect with me with the links in this blog or message me here also. To all introvert girlies out there who are also in pursuit of writing and getting out of their comfort zones, keep in mind that I'm rooting for you too!

And be the person you always need when you're younger!

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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