Who am i?

Who am i Lord?
i don't deserve anything from You 
but You still and You always give your best for me.
i am nothing. i am no one.
but you constantly redeem me from this cruel world
and You always remind me that life here 
with You is beautiful-
full of purpose meaning, 
life lessons with peace, hope, and joy.

i couldn't fathom Your great love for me,
Your great love to the world
that You sent Jesus to die at the cross,
for my sins, for the world's sin.
Forgive me from my foolishness, doubts, 
unbelief and sins. 

You found me before i even seek you.
You rescued me before i even ask you.
You love me even if i don't know you.

In my emptiness, i experience Your fullness.
In my weaknesses, You embrace me with your strength.
In my lowest point, You reached your loving arms and lifted me up.

When i thought it was already dead end, You provide doorways.
When i thought my plans failed, You promised that Your plans are always better.
When i thought i was left behind, You reminded me that You're with me.
When i thought i was fighting all alone, You meet me at the corner.
When i thought i was lost, You found me and brought me the right path.
When i thought i was meaningless, You reminded me that you were proud of me.

Who am i Lord?
Who am i Lord?
Who am i my Lord?

i thought success is all about chasing and wanting all of my desires, 
forgetting i do have Jesus, my all in all, my salvation and reward, 
and my breakthrough.

life is all about Jesus...
so whatever may come Lord help me to surrender like Jesus,
even if in suffering, loneliness, and emptiness 
if it means to glorify You, so be it.
give me the courage to conquer all the trials and tests of life,
give me hope to believe in Your Name, in Jesus
give me faith to trust and to believe in Your promise
give me courage to surrender everything in Your hands,
-my dreams, plans, longing and desires,
i know You will always meet my needs,
You will always satisfy me
it's all because of Your great love,

i am not deserving of Your love
who am I Lord?
Praise to you my Father, the Spirit and the Son!

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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