To my always,

One day, someone out there will be your always. The person who will always choose to love even you're not lovable anymore. The person who will choose to stay when it's easier to let go. The person who will choose to see your imperfections and limitations. The person who will walk with you even you're not yet at the peak of your success. The person who will be your safe space in the world, full of uncertainties. The person who will welcome you with a loving embrace when you fail and falter. The person who will cherish and value you and see how precious you are more than jewels and diamonds. The person who will make your world brighter and lighter. It won't be perfect, but at the end you of the day you will randomly utter, "thank God, You lead me to my always."

I just hope you're okay and you're happy because I meet the happiest version of me in this season of waiting. The transition to womanhood is kinda disheartening, I never thought I was experiencing all of them way back then, the molting and molding process. I realized I need to surrender everything to the Lord even I thought I do have great plans, sometimes God would really break our plans that are not aligned to His will and it makes sense now why some of those didn't happen. You know, someone out there reminded me that my writings would resonate around the space and it did happen. I'm just grateful to that person though it happened in most whimsical way, something that was so hard to comprehend and so transcendental. I couldn't really figured it out until now.

Anyways, I've been praying for new things ahead but sometimes fears overpower my faith because life is so uncertain but God's Word always strengthen me, I hope you also lean into His Word. You know, I'm so excited to meet you, ayieeh! I still don't know whether I met you or conversed with you, or maybe you're just around but I do hope you're doing your purpose, your pursuing it wholeheartedly and I pray you heal also from the pain that you couldn't utter to anyone. I hope you stand still and remain stronger as you face trials in this life.

I do hope you love God more than anything 'cause I know if you do, He will mumble my name into your ears. (Yeah!) I also pray that you also like poetry, music, and art even before you met me. I hope you also drink coffee, I master coffee making, charing! hahahahaha! I do have many things to learn and unlearn in this life and I'm still in the process of becoming the woman He wants me to be. I just hope that at His right time, we'll find each other walking and pursuing His ways until He leads us back to one another so we can glorify Him in our lives. We can be testaments of His grace that even both of us are flawed He can still make our story beautiful because He is our Author.

I still believe there's someone out there like you who loves Jesus and His ways and someday you'll be my always! Take heart and take care!

Virtual warm hugs!

ps- para kay future lab lang ito! at kung ikaw siya u need to pass the 999999 essay test! CHARING HAHAHHAHAHAA

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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