Quiet Time

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What matters in the end?

We are moving shadows and all our busy rushing ends in nothing. -Psalm 39:6 Everyone woke up with great astonishment. I can hear many heartbeats throbbing around with heavyweights of anxieties. The world is full of uncertainties. A clandestine shadow covers all of us and no one is exempted. In a few months, countries are […]


I started to turn back all the pages of my life. Many plots had twist, conflicts that are still unsolved, characters that changed,  and theme that aren't digested. I am now in the middle of dark and light. I don't know if I'll jump or fly.I'm asking if I'll stay or run? I don't know […]
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Thoughts @ 21

Listening It's been a while since I touch these keys composed of letters and numbers. The sound of music on my earphones made my night complete. I miss this quiet moment of my life.  I want to go out at this hour and watch the glimmer of stars while listening to You. I want to […]
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I lived in this life along my sinful desires I taste the mouthful sadness of life I cannot contend my mumble cries Cause barriers keep lingering all my life Till You came into my life You saved me in my bleak black moment When all is dark and all I know is to lament, And […]

Stepping out in Faith

Inhaling His grace and savoring the beauty of life. And I pray that my journals will transcend into the spaces that need them the most.

Meryl Villaruel

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