choose the right one

While others write you some letters, 
the right one acts upon his words. 
While others give you roses, 
the right one makes you bloom.
While others admire your breakthrough, 
the right one shows up in your breakdown.
While others give you false hopes 
and make you doubt, 
the right one brings clarity, peace, and assurance.
While others seem right in your eyes, 
the right one is right for your soul 
and gentle to your being.
While others give you expensive gifts,  
offer you limousine rides, and promise you grandiose visions for the future,
the right one won't lead you to sin but
instead lead you to Christ, bring you to the aisle, 
and love you until the end.

Choose the right one and be the right one too.

Pray for this genuine love with pure intentions and motives but while waiting be the person you always hope to be with. Let God satisfy your needs in your waiting season, in any season. Take heart! You are loved!

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about “kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib.”

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