Kindred Spirit

Under the night sky, a light gentle wind echoed through my ears.

I couldn’t speculate this secrecy and brings me to the celestial sphere.


I even forget to write poetry but now metaphors scatter around.

Every word hit me back and forth; resonate unto my soul like the Sonnets of Shakespeare

that warmed my cold nights when I was juvenile.

view of floating open book from stacked books in library

I couldn’t justify and testify these lingering thoughts,

which tumble in my head for too long, and still couldn’t find answers.

I revisited all the dusty letters and poems inside my heart

and it all has a resemblance to your soul

If this is a dream, let me sleep for a while.

man in white dress shirt leaning on table beside book and mug

I found a strong connection at the beginning,

even though I don’t allow anyone to enter my world,

and even if I don’t desire to catenate my thoughts,

YET my spirit is nudging inside

I couldn’t provide strong evidence in reality

just like if the moon and sun could possibly collide.

But I’ve been praying for you that you exist.

That this story is not a fantasy but rather a destiny.

As I gazed my eyes at heaven’s gate

Asking His grace to defeat my unbelief though it’s uncertain in our time and space.

Who am I to question HIS ways?

a bridge with purple lights on it under a night sky

I don’t want to act a fool but the crickets join me again,

whispering that’s how He writes stories of those who love Him.

Oh God, the only soul who could connect to me deeply seems so close in the midst of lofty walls.

the milky is shining brightly in the night sky

I’m scared but it feels so right.

I try to suppress and hide this indescribable feeling from the start.

I try to close my eyes but still, I see your beautiful soul

wherever I go.

I try to forget those sunsets, moon, stars, your dog, your shoes, and your words

which resonated with my being.

But why I couldn’t rationalize this?


I try all the measures to suppress all these feelings but I couldn’t

I prayed so hard at night to remove you from my mind

’cause you’re not in my reality.

a beach with palm trees and a hut in the distance

I try to solve the puzzle on my own

connect the dots and the lines.

Finally, I’ve seen you.

You exist!

Maybe it’s enough, for now, to know you’re real.

I’ve been waiting and praying for you since then.

woman walking near plants and tall trees during daytime

I will just live in this moment.

I appreciate everything you do from afar.

You’re one of a kind.

You speak light in my life.

You never know that you’ll help me to get out of the maze

that those simple words could change someone’s life.

And I know in my heart and in my spirit,

you’re gentle and sincere with your words.

silhouette of trees during night time

Your prayers have reached me too.

I’m glad you never get tired of reading those letters.

Oh, how hardheaded I am!

But why I do feel certain about you?

I pray this is the right discernment.

And I know, no one could understand this feeling.

Only Him, who knit us since the beginning.

If this is real, I want it too.

silhouette of man raising his hands

Until our souls unite?

Even if it’s uncertain in our time and space

milky way above body of water

and even if it didn’t lead to something

I’m still grateful that you made me feel this way.

black and silver fountain pen

Thank you because you made me write poetry again.

You give me the courage to write again and to speak light to others.

lit sparkler

Others would tell it’s foolishness

but still, this would be one of my favorites.

It’s indescribable, remarkable, unbelievable, and unforgettable

But it’s time to go back from my reality,

and if this is God’s will just like what you said,

“everything will fall into place when the season and intention are right.”

This had been a beautiful dream!

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about “kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib.”

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