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Is there any better than God's best?

I always hear this during the sermon of Dr. Charles Stanley. When I was young, every Sunday the television would be left open to his show, I had never tried to watch it before. But now that I am growing up I tend to listen to his sermon 'cause he explained everything very well, a spirit-filled man. And some of my writeups are inspired by his sermon, he was like a mentor from afar and I just heard the news this morning that he has already died, but I know He's with the Lord now, and the fruits of his labor are still resonating until today.

Is there any better than God's best?

He is a perfect God and He works perfectly. He is a loving Father and He always gives the best for us but sometimes the best does not come quickly. We need to walk in obedience and faithfulness, a life that is fully surrendered. Now that I am growing up everything makes sense a bit. Like those writeups when I was younger, actually I really don't know where those words come from, like some just happened in one sitting after breathing fresh air, praying, walking, seeking, or watching some movies and reading a book and of course, some comes from my experiences. But my poems about "love" particularly the first one - "if", "we will meet," "someone out there" and "can you faithfully wait"- like where? Now it becomes more realistic because waiting seems harder, it's like He is reminding me "Oh you promised in your writeups that you gonna wait prayerfully? Can you do that even if it's uncertain now that you're ready? Can you fully trust me?"

Never settle for less because God gives the best to those who leave the choices with him. It doesn't mean that you will be so entitled like in the trends like " I deserved the best, I won't settle for less because I am like this....", or the person who isn't your standards are lesser than you, -it's not like that; its pride already. For me, it's believing that God writes our story beautifully and perfectly, and settling for less is just following our heart's desire, our own schedules, our pleasures - our selfish desires. After all the Lord knows who we need in our life.

And what I realized in my waiting season is you have more time to develop yourself; you have more time to develop new skills, venture into new paths, and meet different people who will contribute something to your growth. It's when you know yourself more and you started bracing yourself that you will realize what kind of person you would like to settle with. Yes, we can't dictate our hearts, and it's hard to rationalize why we fall in love with a certain person but you have the ability to guard your heart and once you reach that certain level of awareness, you'll be careful next time. It's a journey but it doesn't mean that you'll suppress your feelings and emotions, allow yourself to be a human- to fall in love and to be hurt to some extent, but learn how to manage your emotions well. It's kinda hard but I'm learning now.

So let's worship while waiting, and find some good role models or influencers like Toni, Nikki Gil, Rica, and Kieko- their stories are testaments that waiting for God would be the best thing because He rewards obedience, and we can trust Him in all aspects of our lives. Hence, I also met some single ladies who bloom in the Lord and are committed to serving Him all throughout their lives and they are joyful and contented with the Lord in their singleness. Their testimonies are awesome! We have different stories to tell and God works perfectly; we have the power to choose but may those choices speak for His glory.

When I accepted Jesus he became my savior, when I was young he became my friend and father, and now that I am growing up, he is my lover. Jesus satisfies my soul. He's my everything. There will be huhuh days like when Lord? But you will learn how to put down your emotions and enjoy the season where you are in.

To my Nbsb sissy or to all the single ladies out there let's wait for His perfect time until the fruit of waiting is already ripe! In your waiting season, nourish yourself. And kung 16 ka palang naku, h'wag mo muna itong isipin, answer your worksheets first. hehehehe


Don't excite love, don't stir it up until the time is ripe and you're ready.

Song of Solomon 8:4

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A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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