On Brokenness

Someone asked me this question, "have you ever felt brokenhearted?"

I took a brief break and went for a walk. 

I think it's a tough question for a person who has never been involved in any romantic relationship and always finds her way out to connect with other guys. It feels like you're already on your way to your favorite place and you need to step back to the place you don’t want to be. Brokenness, pain, and suffering- it's hard to get out of this place no matter how big or how small we perceived the cause of it.
We are different individuals with different heartaches and stories.

Often times heartbreaks from romance are given a lot of weight. I think heartbreaks from our family, dreams, and friendships are all alike- it's all disheartening; no one likes to be in that place. When I was young, I used to see broken relationships around me. I thought it was the norm. The pain was unbearable; I always uttered prayers like I won't have a relationship like that. So I never tried to be in a relationship to protect myself, but I was wrong. Someone pointed out my wrong perspective and said it was wrong. I thought I was guarding my heart but actually, I was building walls for the people around me. I needed help, I needed other people, and I needed hurt and pain in order to become a better person.

The parable of the Samaritan woman at the well comes to mind. She was brokenhearted by numerous men. She continued to hide, but Jesus summoned her, searched for her, and engaged her in conversation despite her brokenness. Imagine being informed of your weaknesses, worries, and other flaws that you constantly hide. However, after discovering the truth, the woman utilized her brokenness as evidence of God's goodness. She moved on from her brokenness, went into the town, and told others what Jesus had said to her. Jesus only spoke to her, but because of her account, many Samaritans heard and came to believe in Jesus.

And I realized that's when healing comes when we acknowledge that we are broken and we are in dire need of a healer. God can use our brokenness as testimonies. God can reveal His goodness in our life through our brokenness. Every detail is a work of God. We may not know it right away, but as these heartbreaks become testimony, we will understand that they were all for nothing.

And for me, we should show our brokenness to the light so it loses its power because once we keep it, it won't mend. We won't heal by ourselves, we need Jesus and we need others.

Published by Merrel Ya

A lady who has been pondering her hope into Christ, inhaling His grace, and enjoying the beauty of life. Writing about life, asking God about "kuliglig sa kanyang dibdib."

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